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just a quick update that I wanted to share, the site is still active but as you may have noticed quiet up to now as I have been on a semi-hiatus the last month due to not being well, also as you may have noticed there isn’t a lot of Carelle related news right now!

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Happy Birthday Carelle!! Hope you have a nice day! :)

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just a quick update to let you know the site is active but a bit quieter right now and there also appears to be an error with the forms on the site and that is being looked into and will be fixed soon  so in the meantime if you want to contact me about the site or anything else then either email me or tweet me

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Carelle recently tweeted us all an Instagram photo telling us that the ITV Studios are going to be her “home” for the next few weeks more details about what she is working on whenever we find out!

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Carelle has posted a update to her blog you can read it over at

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If you’ve been following Carelle’s blog for the last 2 months you will know that she got bitten by a venomous spider and has had a nightmare of a time from it today there is a new article about Carelle and the bite and the bad reaction she has had to it and is still having to the bite over 2 months on, we now know via the article it was a Brown Recluse Spider that bit her

you can read the full article on the link below (contains graphic content)

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Carelle told us yesterday that she was having a haircut today and earlier tweeted us a picture of her new style



Photo credit: Carelle

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Just a quick reminder that Carelle will be doing her radio show today on so tune in if you can!

Edit- Carelle’s radio show is from 2pm till 4pm


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Just a quick update in the shape of a new picture Carelle tweeted Earlier of  her with a new bow in her hair the bow is from newlook fashion


some other updates to come are that a link to Carelle’s new blog will be placed on the site, the sites email server will also be updated so that may be offline for a small amount of time while the update completes

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As you can see I have been busy redesigning the layout of the site and while theres not new images for the animated slideshow (there soon will be)  most of the new layout is working correctly tho if you do spot something not working do let me know so it can be fixed

the sites sidebar is also being updated with some new features and the removal of some lesser used features – more updates to come soon so in the meantime hope you like the new layout!